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What We’re All About

It is our primary objective to advocate for our clients’ telecommunication
needs on all levels.



Our intelligently designed broadband network delivers robust high speed Internet for an affordable price.

What We Do For You

Network services is our game, and the enterprise market is our playing field. It is our primary objective to advocate for our clients’ telecommunication needs on all levels. Best of all, our consultants become part of your firm as your trusted resource. Finally, we strive to build your network to incorporate the most useful technology and empower your business units to do more with less.


Who We Are

2X Broadband delivers high-speed and cost-effective internet for you. Our superior customer support is second to none in the wireless and wireline industry. Have a question about your internet access? We are a full‐scale service provider, with unparalleled knowledge of the telecom industry.

We are a Veteran Owned business, founded by Xavier and Alicia Canez. Also, we were born and raised in Bakersfield, went to school Bakersfield and are raising our children Gabrielle and Xander in Bakersfield. We identified a need to deliver not only high-speed internet but all telecom services. Xavier is an expert in voice and data services, and Alicia manages the operations. Let us help you!

Why Choose Us?

  • No Usage Limits

Tired of high prices and data limits? We Will Handle That!

  • Guaranteed Speeds

You get what you pay for! Our service will provide between 75-100% of the bandwidth – we dig high-speed services! Plus, we assess your needs and size the right circuit.

  • Technical Support

Tired of sitting on the phone with tech support? Maybe you’ve been resetting modems and checking the “blinking lights” on your equipment. Not anymore! We handle that for you.

  • No Extra Charges

Don’t get billed extra fees and surcharges. We take that headache away by providing you flat rate services, no surprises!

  • Monitoring

We monitor six key performance areas on every customer radio. Moreover, the data is collected every minute and stored for at least 6 months. Then, our engineers use this data to correct problems and fine tune your network.