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Boost Productivity and Enable Growth

With the Right Voice and Internet service provider for Your Business

Business owners who settle for less suffer from low productivity and lost sales opportunities. We solve this problem by providing fast internet and feature-rich phone service that give your business the edge.

Business Phone Service Providers
A Local Internet Service Provider Means More Accountability

Give Your Business the Edge with Connections that Last.

It’s not just our cost-effective solutions as an internet service provider that make us different. It’s not even the exclusive internet options for rural businesses. In truth, we know you can find internet and voice service anywhere. What you don’t get with the corporate service is the local connection and hands-on approach our team provides.

Working with 2X means you get a Senior Account Manager that handles your service personally. You get a personal consultant that provides more than just pre-packaged internet. When you choose to work with us, we connect you to more than just the internet network, we connect you with the Bakersfield network. Our clients know and love the 2X difference. For the best internet service provider around, Give us a call today.

Phone & Internet Services for Businesses in Bakersfield

Tailored Telecom Solutions with the Local Advantage.


Internet Service provider for Business

Whether your business is located in the heart of the city of Bakersfield, or miles away from your hard-line connection, you don’t need to settle for slow, unreliable internet.

  • Avoid Overage Charges and High Service Fees
  • Drop the Poor Connection with Your Current Provider
  • Get a Local Service Provider with Real Accountability
Business Phone Service Providers

Premium Phone Solutions

Whether you’re opening a new office, or you’re looking to upgrade your existing phone service, we can help get you up and running in days, not weeks.

  • Stop Missing Important Sales Calls.
  • Eliminate High Monthly Costs and Restricted Calling.
  • Provide a “Pick up and Go” Option for Remote Work.
Business Phone Service Providers

Business-Class Security Camera System

Deter theft and vandalism with a business-class security camera system. Get peace of mind knowing your security camera is covering your business while you sleep.

  • Recording & Playback in 4K Video
  • Remote Access via Secure Smart Phone App
  • Crystal Clear Image with our 2.8MP Camera

Technology has Improved Since Your Last Quote.

The 2X Local Advantage

Our Clients Love the 2X Difference.

When you work with us, you quickly learn the value of having a local internet service provider. With 2X, you connect to more than just the internet, you connect with a network of Bakersfield businesses.

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